The crochet finger wrap tutorial video

How to do the Crochet Finger Wrap tutorial on Yarn Obsession

The Crochet Finger Wrap

Have you ever started a pattern asking for the “Finger Wrap” and wondered, “what’s that?” You no longer have to wonder. This crochet finger wrap tutorial teaches you how to do the finger wrap which is used in crochet mostly in circular projects to make sure the hole in the center is completely closed. It’s great to know how to create it for making hats, bowls, coasters etc. Whatever crochet project you’re working in-the-round is a perfect candidate for starting with the crochet finger wrap.

I’d love to hear your feedback. Do you have a stitch you’re struggling with or would like to learn? Let me know, maybe I can get a video done to help. This coming year I’ll be demonstrating more advanced stitches, complete projects and offering crochet business advice on the YouTube Channel so make sure to subscribe to get the very latest on what’s happening!

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