Lion Brand crochet and knitting app review

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The Lion Brand crochet and knitting pattern app is your pocket “full of porn”!

Hi, My name is Beth and I create digital scrapbooks. With my scrabooking I’ve been able to play with photos wherever I am because of the apps I’ve been able to find. I’m also new to the art of crochet. I’ve crocheted for two months and I absolutely love playing with yarn. As a “techie” I knew there had to be a way for me to carry my love of crochet without having to take my yarn along everywhere I went so I started a search. What I found was the Lion Brand app. The Lion Brand crochet and knitting pattern app is my pocket “full of porn”! It’s my way of looking up patterns on the go as I plan my next project.

I love this app because as I searched online for a crochet pattern to use to make a crocheted kitty toy I stumbled upon the perfect one. Noticing that it was a Lion Brand pattern I went to my Lion Brand crochet and knitting pattern app and did a search, found the pattern and saved it to my favorites right from my phone. I didn’t have to add any extra steps because the app allowed me to easily navigate directly to the pattern and save it. My favorite part is I can save a pattern to my favorites then go to my local craft store and look for the exact yarn I need because the list of materials is right in the palm of my hand!

he app also gives descriptions of the Lion Brand yarns and how to take care of them once you’ve completed your crochet project. So if you’re looking for a yarn that is machine washable you can find that by going through the yarns in the app.

Some other great features include:

  • Accessing Lion Brand videos
  • Getting answers to frequently asked questions about crochet
  • Learning what the different crochet abbreviations mean
  • A stitch finder that tells you how to make each square.

All of which are found in the “more” section of the app.

If you love playing with yarn and you love having access to patterns quickly and easily, I encourage you to try the Lion Brand crochet and knitting pattern app, it has truly fueled my love for crochet!

Do you have any apps you’ve found that help with your crochet journey? If so leave a comment and share!

Author Bio:

This article came to us from Beth Soler, she writes about her adventures in scrapbooking at Scrapping Wonders. If you want more information on photo editing apps and tips and tricks on how to use your iPhone she’s ready to help.


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