How to Read Yarn Labels

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How to Read Yarn Labels

When I first started to crochet my first project it never occurred to me to read yarn labels for all the information I might need. I knew I could get the color and the brand, but all the other symbols seemed like Greek and unimportant. Thing is, those little symbols and numbers ARE important. In this video I walk you through the reading of a yarn label to help you understand what each symbol means. Knowing how to read yarn labels and what the symbols mean will help when you’re substituting yarn, ready to wash your finished piece and even to help you decide what size hook may work best. This easy video will walk you through the full label.


The Craft Yarn Council sets the standards for yarn labeling so if you’d like to check out their website you can find out more on how to read yarn labels. Learning what all the symbols on a yarn label mean will help you make educated choices when choosing the yarns you want to work with.

I’d love to hear what you thought and if you have any questions. Just leave a comment below!


  1. lisa jacobsen says:

    sedie: i’m wondering if you know of a source to download nice clean images of the washing/drying icons? [or even a font i could buy?] i use the symbols of tags i make with my crocheted items to make sure people know how to care for them … especially if somebody is buying it as a gift.

    • Hey Lisa, If you do a search for images under “Wash instruction symbols” I think you’ll be able to find a place to download them. 🙂 Hope that helps.


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