How to Crochet the Magic Circle or Finger Wrap

How to crochet the magic circle or finger wrap on Yarn Obsession

How to Crochet the Magic Circle or Finger Wrap

Have you ever run across a pattern that asked you to start with a “magic circle” or “finger wrap”? I’ll be it was a pattern that was going to be worked in the round and where you needed to have a very small hole at the beginning. When I first came across instructions to do the magic circle I was completely confused. I think the first time I just ended up working in the second chain of a chain 2 chain instead (that worked by the way, but not as well as the magic circle). Then I learned the magic circle and understood the hype! It’s not that hard, and it makes for a very tight and beautiful finish (or beginning) to a piece worked in the round.

This quick 3 minute tutorial will get you going!


Do you use the Magic Circle or Finger Wrap in your crochet work? If not, what do you use to make tight in-the-round circles? Leave a comment here or come over to the Facebook Page where we’re always talking yarn!

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  1. Love the “finger wrap” (aka magic circle). The only problem I have is over time, use and washings, the “tail” loosens up. I make coasters, wash cloths and dish rags so the items are used a lot. Any suggestion as to keeping the “tail” from loosening up?? Thanks Paula

    • sedruola says:

      Hey Paula, thanks for your comment. Yes, I would suggest weaving the tail back around the first stitches made so it can stay tight. Having a longer tail and just wrapping it several times around the first stitches on the wrong side should help with the loosening. 🙂

  2. Cameron says:

    This looks exactly like a tatted ring. Same principle: stitch around an adjustable ring that can be tightened. Nice tip.

    It’s also easier to attach a tassel or pom-pom tightly this way so it doesn’t flop or look off-center.

“Hi! Just wanted to say that you did a GREAT job of explaining the HDC (half double crochet) edging for a single crochet blanket in your YouTube video. Thank you so much! God Bless” - Donna M.
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