How to crochet an even edging on your crochet project

How to crochet an even crochet edging on Yarn Obsession

How to Crochet an Even Edging on Your Crochet Project

Ever wonder what they mean, or how you get to “crochet evenly along the edge”  or “crochet an even edging on your crochet project” when you have no numbers to go by or specific instructions for even crochet in your pattern? You’re not alone. When I began my crochet journey those vague instructions always baffled me. What I came to learn is, it’s really not so easy to put specific instructions into a crochet pattern sometimes. What I would do is either decide not to do the edging (yes, I’ve done that) or try then frog, then try then frog…and still end up with a wonky edge.

Finally, it dawned on me how to get it done easily without all the frustration! This video demonstrates the crochet technique I found that has helped me and will help you find an easy way to create an even edging on your project painlessly. It won’t work all the time, but for simple stitch projects it works beautifully!

What do you think? Let me know if you have any ideas on easy ways to create an even edging on crocheted pieces that have worked for you by leaving me a comment!

More videos can be found at Yarn Obsession TV on YouTube.

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