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Guest Blogging on Yarn by Yarn Obsession

Guest blogging on Yarn by Yarn Obsession is open!

Guest blogging is a great for you because it gives you a way to:

  • Get noticed when you’re just starting out
  • Test out your designs
  • Get exposure to more people for your business
  • Build on your writing skills
  • Build on your designing skills
  • Get free exposure for your work

The best way to really make an impact is by having an article or pattern that is completely original. I’d prefer if it had never been published, but, if you can alter and tweak it so it’s fresh, then I’d be more than happy to take a look at it. 😉 (submission form below)

What I’m Currently Looking For

Exclusive Pattern Submissions

If you’d like to start designing crochet or knit patterns, a great way to get more eyes on your work would be to submit a pattern for publishing exclusively on Yarn by Yarn Obsession.

The pattern needs to be an original, never before published pattern that will be housed on Yarn by Yarn Obsession. You’ll enjoy having a short bio and links back to your blog, social media and shop online plus the opportunity for free advertising space on Yarn by Yarn Obsession. You are free to post the pattern on other sites such as Ravelry and Craftsy, but I ask that the full pattern be fully housed on Yarn by Yarn Obsession exclusively for 90 days.

After that time, you are free to publish wherever you’d like! Ready? (submission form below)

Article Submission

If you’ve got a great idea for a post and would like to get  more exposure for your work, your website, blog or shop, please submit your guest blogging idea using the form below. I’m open to whatever your creativity will deliver but here is a list (in case you need ideas) of what I’d love to see on Yarn by Yarn Obsession:

  • Tips and Tricks for Crocheters / Knitters / Spinners
  • “How To” articles are great
  • Exclusive Crochet or Knitting Patterns (free or paid)
  • Buying, working with and selecting yarn
  • Stitch Tutorials

I’m sure you can come up with many more ideas so feel free to submit them and I’ll contact you. At the end of every article you’ll have the opportunity to post a short bio of yourself and your business along with links back to your website. The whole reason for doing a guest post it to make sure you have the opportunity to get yourself out there, so let’s make it happen! You’ll also have the option of free advertising on Yarn by Yarn Obsession, so what are you waiting for?! (submission form below)

Once you submit the form and I’ve had the chance to review it, I or my assistant will contact you.  Sometimes we may like your idea but need to get a better feel for what you’d like to do or we just need more information from you before we decide to move forward.

Please just submit the idea in a paragraph or two. We don’t need the whole article right now, we just want to know what you’re interested in delivering. Once we, you and I, decide to move forward you can get to work and submit the article and we’ll decide on a publishing date for publicity!

Yarn Obsession will promote your article on all the following platforms:

  • Facebook – 35,000 followers
  • Pinterest – 20,700 followers
  • Instagram – 1047 followers
  • Twitter – 5,664 followers

To have your guest blogging idea considered please fill out the form below and submit. Be sure to include your title idea and an excerpt. I can’t wait to work with you!

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