Festival Hands Crochet Hooks Review

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Festival Hands Crochet Hooks Review

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A couple of weeks ago I purchased the Festival Hands Crochet Hooks because I wanted to try some ergonomic hooks. Not because I have crochet wrist pain but because I needed new hooks and thought I’d give them a try. Once I mentioned my purchase to my Facebook Page friends, several requested that I let them know what I thought about the hooks. So, here we are with a full post dedicated to what I think are some pretty awesome crochet hooks.

As you can tell by the video I was quite impressed with these lovely crochet hooks. I’m not one to hold my hooks extremely tight, but having such a light hook really made it easy to keep my gentle touch and still feel very much in control of my crochet. The package is great for long term storage so you don’t need to remove the hooks and re-store them. Like I mentioned in the video, if you love tapered hooks, these are perfect for you. You can purchase the hooks using this coupon code “PT5R23YD” at checkout via this link for $2.00 off your purchase – Affiliate link to purchase: http://amzn.to/1A6Od7W

Festive Hands Crochet Hooks Review on Yarn Obsession

Have you tried these hooks? What did you think? I’d love to know so come on by the Facebook Page and leave a comment on what you thought. I can’t wait to hear your opinion on these crochet hooks.


  1. Get them even cheaper direct from China on ebay I get mine for $8.99 free shipping. This amazon seller is just slapping their name on these brand-less cushioned hooks.

    • Hey Shanan, that’s great that you’ve gotten your hooks from ebay for less. However, I think it’s very industrious of Festival Hands to see a need and fill it. If they make a profit from delivering what others need and want, I think it’s great! 🙂

      • That’s all well and good, I’ve thought of doing similar here in Australia, and it’s good to see that they aren’t unreasonable in their profit margin. And some people are more comfortable buying domestically. But to call them Festival Hands Crochet Hooks is rather questionable in my mind since they have no branding. When I saw your post I got excited that there was a new brand of hooks on the market. Only to be let down.

      • The package I received said Festival Hands. I have not really seen the non-branded version, so to me they were Festival Hands hooks. I”m sorry for your let down. 🙂

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