Crocheting: A Beginner’s Resource Guide

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Crocheting: A Beginner’s Resource Guide

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No doubt if you’ve just started crocheting you have a boatload of questions about everything crochet! Well, this post is specifically for you. Let me direct you to some resources that may help answer your questions as you build your new skills. I’d like to let you know that many of my YouTube Channel videos can help you on your crocheting journey. I’ll be sharing some specific videos below, but feel free to check out the channel for more advanced techniques. 🙂


First, the basics. Crocheting is a craft which was historically done by men but is now women dominated. Contrary to popular opinion, in order to crochet you must use a crochet hook and not two knitting needles (yes, there is another craft called Knitting) and yarn, string, rope or any other continuous length of material that can be manipulated into loops.

Second, there are several basic ways to hold your yarn (or whatever material you’re using) when crocheting, but whatever feels comfortable to you is best. Trying to hold your yarn or hook in some way that someone else tells you may cause pain or damage. Please keep that in mind when staring to crochet.

Be patient with yourself, any craft takes time to perfect

Basic Stitches

Perfecting the basic stitches in crochet will help make any project you work on it’s very best. To help you do that here are a few videos on the basic stitches. They will answer questions about where to put your stitches, how many times to chain at the end of a row and more. . . but remember, if you still have questions, please put them in the comments below and I will be happy to answer or create a video to help. Below you will learn:

Chain (ch), Single Crochet (sc), Double Crochet (dc), Triple/Treble Crochet (tr)

Pay close attention to these videos as they do let you know that not crocheting in the final stitch can throw off your whole count and cause your work to decrease with every row. Make sure to count as you go so you’re sure you have the right number of stitches on every row.

Crochet Patterns

Once you feel ready here are a few basic stitch crochet patterns that will help you practice and perfect your skills. Remember, trust yourself and make sure to read my post on the 11 Things You Should Know As A Beginner Crocheter because many of those things aren’t often covered by crochet videos. Number 8 will come in especially handy as you begin working on your first projects! 🙂 Here are a few patterns from around the web I think you’ll find fun and easy!

Still looking for more patterns? Check out Moogly, Cre8tion Crochet, Oombawka Design

Crochet Books

Finally, here are some Crochet Pattern Books I think you’ll find fun to get into when it comes to crocheting! They have patterns that range from easy to more advanced. There is also a range of accessories to household items so you can decide what type of crochet you really love to do!

Just a few:



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