Crochet Tutorial – Crochet in Front and Back Loop of Same Stitch

How to crochet in the front and back loop of the same stitch

Crochet Tutorial – Crochet in Front and Back Loop of Same Stitch


The more videos I do the more ideas are given to me on new videos to do. That’s how this video came along. Patty watched my video on How to Crochet in the Front Loop or the Back Loop of a stitch and because it didn’t quite answer her question she left me this comment (as I encourage all my viewers to do):

Hi Sedruola, I have a pattern that says to crochet in the front loop and the back loop in the same stitch, so you have two stitches in the same stitch. Can you show how to do this. I’m making a chemo cap for my friend. thank you!

As soon as I saw that post I thought, I can certainly do that!

It’s taken me a few days to get this video up Patty, but I hope it helps you get the chemo cap done for your friend.


 If you have a crochet question that I can demonstrate, please leave a message below and I’ll see if I can get it up on the YouTube Channel.

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  1. Lora Leathco says:

    You make my heart feel so big! You’re awesome!

“Hi! Just wanted to say that you did a GREAT job of explaining the HDC (half double crochet) edging for a single crochet blanket in your YouTube video. Thank you so much! God Bless” - Donna M.
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