Crochet Top Pattern Naming Contest

Crochet Top Naming Contest on Yarn Obsession

Crochet Top Naming Contest!!


For the next two days (April 2 & 3, 2014) Yarn Obsession will be taking name ideas for this new crochet top pattern! Please leave your ideas in the comments below along with your email address so you can be contacted if you win! Also, come by and Like the Facebook page where the winner will be announce on April 4th!!

Winner will receive a FREE copy of the pattern upon it’s release on April 15th as well as a Bonus Surprise!

Hurry! You only have two days so submit your best name and share!

I can’t wait to see your submission!


  1. Blue Angel 🙂

  2. Sassy Sleeves

  3. Wendy Medlin says:

    Bluewing Butterfly Top

  4. Beautiful Top. Britta is my suggestion.

  5. Bead the Blues 😉

    (The pun works, even if they decide to work it in another color.) This is gorgeous. I’m pretty sure my skills aren’t up to it, yet, though!

    • Arl olster says:

      Holly, What skills do you need? / think you need?
      If you can ask the questions, I’m betting. that I or the other yarners here can teach you and then coach you through it.
      The first “big” project is always going to be a bit scary, so why not jump in now and have at it. If you choose blue yarn, pick a lighter blue- easier to see what you’re doing with lighter colors.

      • Well, I just learned to crochet in July last year. I’m mostly having trouble counting and following directions. 😉 I’m working through Erika Knight’s 250 crochet motifs, and if the one I’m working on now actually works, I might try something like this. I’ve also made two whippet sweaters off the top of my head – no pattern, just measurements. But the dog doesn’t care if it looks a little funky. I’m not sure I’m that good at adjusting for size on humans. 😉

      • sedruola says:

        Wow Holly! If you make things from your head, you can do a lot!! Keep it up! 🙂

    • sedruola says:

      Hey Holly! I think you could do it if you followed the pattern. It’s about intermediate level, but if you’ve been crocheting for some time, you’ll be fine! 🙂

  6. Fashionistia spring sweater.

  7. Caribbean Sail

  8. Neen McAlpine says:

    Studio 54.

  9. Catherine Samuels says:

    I think Blue Dahlia fits it beautifully.

  10. Beaded Beauty

  11. Blue Angel

  12. Azulita

  13. Kathy Pebley says:


  14. Steff Walker says:

    Flights of Fancy 🙂

  15. Deborah Kearney says:

    Butterfly Blue

  16. Angel wings sweater

  17. Ok, first this pattern is stunning. I mean, really spectacular.

    As for my name suggestion: Monodrop. Mono from Kimono (which this reminds me of) and drop for the elegant beads!

  18. Amy Boggs says:


  19. blueangel wings

  20. Arl olster says:

    Blue Belle
    “Belle” for the flared sleeve and beautiful pattern detail.
    Blue bells are such a fabulous and beloved Springtime flower of almost that exact color and this looks like a wonderful top for those unpredictable Spring days.

  21. Erin Botelho says:

    Sedruola’s Fancy

  22. The “Cleopatra Top”

  23. Hi Sedruola, My name is Andrea…I’ve thought of 2 names for ur sweater…”Blue Butterfly or Blue Peacock…

  24. Arl olster says:

    I like my Blue Belle, but my other choice would have been
    Batty over Blue
    those flared sleeves are sooo graceful and elegant.

  25. Sedruola’s Hope

  26. karen foster says:

    I thought it should be called Wings of Ease as soon as I saw it.

  27. Flamingo Nights. Beautiful sweater. I would really like the pattern.

  28. Anita Easton says:

    Deep Blue Ph(f)antom

  29. robbalina says:

    flyaway butterfly top

  30. Aledria says:

    Bohemian Blue

  31. Patti Le Belle Sleeved top

  32. Wind Beneath My Wings LuvizBlind@gmail.com

  33. Elegant blue butterfly sweater

  34. Lori Zatzke says:

    Blue Spring Fling

  35. Simply Sophisticated (in blue)

  36. Tara Elisabeth Sweeney says:

    Angel bell-sleeved sweater.

  37. Michelle Nunn says:

    Blue Bells Sweater

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