Crochet edging uneven row fix

How to fix your crochet rows with your edging by Yarn Obsession

How to use a crochet edging to fix an uneven row?

I know you’ve done it, we all have. We’ve gotten to the end of our projects only to realize that at some point we lost a stitch or two making some rows shorter than when we started. Man, that sucks! How can we fix that? You’ll be happy to know we  don’t have to take our work apart just to fix those few missed stitches.

The following video talks about how to use a crochet edging to fix our missed stitches without too much trauma. I know the thought of having to rip out a piece of work just completed is traumatic, so I hope this video will help you revisit some of the projects put aside because of a few missed stitches.


 Do you have a special technique to help fix uneven rows? I’d love to hear about it, so leave me a comment!


  1. Love this. Thank you that helps a lot especially when you don’t have the time to go back . I wouldn’t do this for an item to sell though, but it’s great for a gift fix or something.

    • My pleasure! You’re right, I wouldn’t use if for something I’m going to sell, but for items I’m going to use, it will be fine.

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