Crochet for Beginners Who Want to Improve – Guest Post

Crochet for Beginners Who Want to Improve

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Hi, My name is Ali and in short the book “Crochet for Beginners Who Want to Improve” was written because of what I was reading on Social Media sites such as Twitter & Facebook. Because I was listening something amazing happened and that’s what I’d like to tell you about!

In January of 2013 I was advertising Crochet Workshops on Twitter, Facebook and my website Get Hooked on Crochet.  Once the workshops were complete I would blog about them and also put the post link on Twitter and Facebook.

It was amazing to me how many times I read statements like “I wish you lived closer so I could come to one of your courses” and “Shame there isn’t a crochet teacher like you locally.” Not only did it feel good, it also got me thinking about how I could clone myself.  I knew that was impossible but one day while surfing the web I found the came across the Course Craft website and thought “PERFECT”.

All I had to do was transfer my crochet teaching knowledge to an online course.  Even with limited technology skills I managed to create three courses that later incorporated a course for left-handed users. .  Due to further demand, I have even translated Course 1 into a Left Handers version & a US version too! Soon I started getting emails about wanting to read patterns and realizing how difficult it could be for a new crocheter to learn I decided to write “Crochet for Beginners who want to Improve.”

In the book I devised the “Traffic Light Teaching System” © which is simply this – I mixed my experience of Teaching Crochet with Green, Amber & Red. The patterns are written as they would be in magazines/books/the internet etc. in BLACK text but with my Crochet Traffic Light System © All tips, tricks of the trade & cheats will be in GREEN for GO.  All abbreviations will be explained, longhand, in AMBER when first used in a pattern to help you recognize them & WARNINGS will be in RED for STOP, so STOP & do what it says!!

Beginners  know how to do the basics, but are not confident enough to tackle something a little more complicated or to read patterns or symbol charts, so the projects in my book give you the confidence to improve your skills while also giving you a great piece of Crochet to either cherish or give as a hand-made gift.

Most of the patterns are written for use with Bulky Yarn and a size K hook, to help students, beginners & improvers to identify the stitches they are making.

Here is a list of all the projects that you will find, which will gently ease you into learning new stitches & techniques as your pattern reading skills improve:

  • Project 1 – Chunky Headband with Detachable Flower
  • Project 2 – A  “Classic” Beanie Hat
  • Project 3 – Warming Chunky Socks
  • Project 4 – A Classic Granny Square
  • Project 5 – A Granny Square with Color Changes
  • Project 6 – “Variations” Granny Triangles & Rectangles
  • Project 7 – Joining Methods
  • Project 8  – Personal Organizer Cover including Color Changes in Rows
  • Project 9 – Color Changes in Rounds
  • Project 10 – Tin Can Crochet Covers
I sincerely hope you find this information helpful in your quest to improve your crochet skills.
Crochet for Beginners Who Want to Improve” was written by Ali Campbell of “Get Hooked on Crochet“. She is passionate about teaching crochet to as many people as she can. This guest post was written by Ali to help you get a sense of her new book and it’s benefits to you!


  1. This is fantastic. I just previewed it in Amazon. Great book for beginners, for sure. I wish I had when I started.

  2. I will highly recommend it. Tweeted, fb, pinned. I can’t see how to share it on my blog, but I just copy and paste the URL. be blessed and thank you so much to fill a serious market gap!

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  4. I was excited til I found out it’s an eBook. I only buy real books.

    • I just found the paperback version! Yay! Apologies! I’ve just ordered the paperback book! 🙂 )


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