Crochet Abbreviations

Crochet Abbreviations on Yarn Obsession

Crochet Abbreviations

When first learning to crochet and presented with a new pattern it’s almost as if someone put something in a foreign language before you. Sure you know what the letters are and you can even read them, but to figure out what they all mean is something complete different than regular reading. Why? Well, because crochet patterns are written in “crochet abbreviations” or “crochet shorthand” in order to make it easier to write out the pattern and save space, words and time.

The Crochet Abbreviations chart below lists the most common abbreviations in crochet in order to help you learn the language of crochet and begin to read patterns more fluently.

If you have questions, please put them in the comments below and I’ll see if I can help. Click the button below to download the chart to your computer!

Download Crochet Abbreviations Chart


Crochet Abbreviations Standard Chart


Alt Alternate HDC Half Double Crochet
Approx. Approximately HK Hook
HDC INC Half Double Crochet Increase
B HDC DEC Half Double Crochet Decrease
Beg Beginning
Bet Between I
BL / bk lp Back Loop INC Increase
BLO Back Loop Only INC ST Increase Stitch
BO Bobble
BP Back Post L
BPDC Back Post Double Crochet LP’s Loops
BPDC INC Back Post Double Crochet Increase
BPDC DEC Back Post Double Crochet Decrease M
BPSC Back Post Single Crochet M Meters
BPTR Back Post Triple / Treble Crochet MC Main Color
MM Millimeters
CA Color A O
CB Color B OZ Ounce
CC Contrasting Color
CH Chain P
CH- Refers to chain previously made / worked P Picot
CH-Sp Chain Space PAT Pattern
CL Cluster PC Popcorn
CM Centimeters PM Place Marker
Cont Continue PREV Previous
DC Double Crochet REM Remain
DC2TOG Double Crochet two together REP Repeat
DEC Decrease REV SC / Reverse SC Reverse Single Crochet
DTR Double Treble / Triple Crochet RNDS Rounds
RS Right Side
EA Each S
SC Single Crochet
F SC2TOG Single Crochet 2 Together
FL Front Loop SK Skip
FLO Front Loop Only SL ST / SS Slip Stitch
FOLL Follows SP Space
FP Front Posts ST(s) Stitch(es)
FPDC Front Post Double Crochet SM Stitch Marker
FPSC Front Post Single Crochet
FPTR Front Post Triple/Treble Crochet T
TCH / T-CH Turning Chain
G TBL Through Back Loop
G Gram TBLO Through back loop only
GRP Group TOG Together
TR Treble / Triple Crochet
WS Wrong Side
Yd(s) Yard(s)
YO Yarn Over
YOH Yarn Over Hook




  1. There is also Linked double crochet and long double crochet: LDC and CBDC: Chainless Beginning Double Crochet. I have both of those in my current pattern. (LDC =linked Double Crochet this and DBDC)

    • sedruola says:

      Thanks Kelly! There are quite a few that are not represented here, this is just a basic list. As there are more types of stitches, there are more abbreviations. It’s a little like the dictionary, new words all the time. 😉

  2. But then I guess these aren’t “common.”

  3. This is really useful to know!

  4. amybovai says:

    It does look like a foreign language! I love to wear crocheted clothing and to check out various crocheted doilies. When I go to craft shows, those are the first booths I visit! Everything looks so dainty and beautiful. I wish I had patience to learn how to do it!
    Thanks for the great post!

    • sedruola says:

      LOL. . . it is! Happy to hear that you do support the craft! Thanks for stopping by Amy! 🙂

  5. Is there a printer friendly version?

  6. Can I print this??

    • sedruola says:

      Hey Sharon, I’ll be posting a pdf copy this weekend that will be easy to print. Otherwise, yes, you can print this page. 🙂

  7. i have never done crochet in , i have no idea of the abbreviations lol, i would like to learn though so i have this now to look back at thankyou

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