6 Awesome Reasons to Love Crochet Hobbyists

6 Awesome Reasons to Love Crochet Hobbyists on Yarn Obsession http://yarn.yarnobsession.com

6 Awesome Reasons to Love Crochet Hobbyists


Because I talk about building a crochet business I get some push back from crochet hobbyist who think I am down on crochet as a hobby. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a crochet hobbyist myself, the only difference is at some point I decided to make it my work, but sometimes I pick up my hook and yarn just to play and not to “create”.

I LOVE crochet as a business and I love being in an industry that is women dominated. We are showing our power every day and that makes me proud. However, I want to share with you the main reasons I also LOVE Crochet Hobbyists.


The passion that crochet hobbyists have for what they do is palpable. They LOVE yarn, hooks, books, patterns, and anything that allows them to enjoy their hobby. How can you not love that?!


I don’t know anyone that gives away more hats, scarves, gloves, blankets etc. to charities than crochet hobbyists. They are compassionate toward their fellow man and that is a beautiful thing.


Have you seen some of the amazing things that crochet hobbyists make? They are unbelievably creative and it’s so much fun to take in.


Crochet hobbyists are the reason the art and craft of crochet still exists today. Through the years they have shared their passion and creativity when it comes to crochet with anyone who would listen. So others have sparked the desire to become crochet hobbyists down through the ages. There would be no crochet industry without the crochet hobbyists.


Crochet hobbyists support the crochet industry with their passion, compassion and creativity. They fall in love and they support contests, pattern sales and charitable drives (see compassion above).


Along the lines of creativity there are some fun and frisky things I’ve seen from crochet hobbyists that just make me want to give them a collective hug! They have a bit of a “wild”side and it shows in the groups their in and the projects they do. But really, why not?! How can you NOT have fun when playing with yarn?

Hey, I’m sure you can think of many more so please share them in the comments! All of us who play with yarn are crochet hobbyists at heart, some of us just wanted to make it our life’s work. If you don’t want to leave a comment, come over to the Facebook page and enjoy our company there. Where a bunch of crochet hobbyists having too much fun! 😀


  1. craftybegonia1 says:

    Great points! Hope you have the ear of some in the yarn industry!

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